Mhtz+4 and 4+1 Team met in the match for 3rd place.

The drafts on the first map were balanced. Both teams picked reliable heroes that would provide them with comfortable play in the late game. Despite the early dominance, the Mhtz+4 team was lagging behind in the lead. After 20 minutes, the 4+1 team, having received a sufficient amount of the necessary items on Medusa, went to crush the opponents. They could not cope with such pressure and as a result, at the 35th minute, the score in the series became 1-0.

The second map has become a real decoration of the tournament. The drafts again meant a quiet start and an emphasis on the late game. The whole game ran fairly smoothly. The teams didn't get ahead much. Over time, 4+1 gained enough advantage at the expense of Alchemist and were able to win the fight at 64 minutes. The victory was very close, there was only very little left. However, Mhtz+4 made a desperate move and teleported to the enemy's base. They were not ready. As a result, the heroic victory of Mhtz + 4 and the score in the series became 1-1.

The drafts for the third map turned out to be very active. Lots of strong heroes in the early game. Until the 20th minute, both teams played evenly, but over time, Mhtz+4 began to win fights and gain an advantage. 4+1 tried to resist, but in the end they still lost the game and took 4th place. 2-1 in favor of Mhtz+4

The tournament final took place between 19 min gaming and 20 min gaming.

Both teams had a great drafting stage. 20 min gaming bet on Phantom Assassin. Whereas 19 min gaming took the classic combination of Invoker and Faceless Void. 20 min gaming from the very start of the game began to gain an advantage very actively. They played great on the lanes. Having received a lot of gold, the team finished the game at the 38th minute without any problems.

On the second map, we saw two very aggressive picks from both teams. However, 20 min gaming managed to simply destroy the opponents at the start of the game. Their heroes could fight all the time and 19 min gaming couldn't do anything about it. As a result, a very easy game and 2-0.

Congratulations to the 20 min gaming team on their victory!